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Wing Warping Demonstrator

Using easy to find cardboard, dental floss, toothpick and straight pins, you can build a working demonstrator of the
Wright Brothers Wing warping design.

One interesting thing that took me a few tries to figure out is that the Wright Brothers use two spars. The leading edge spar and one about 3/4 the chord of the wing. The ribs are hinged to the spars, not fixed. My earlier attempts of using a standard wing gave minimal results due to the spar arrangement.


front.JPG (298900 bytes) rear.JPG (296533 bytes) sidecontrols.JPG (317591 bytes) drawing.JPG (153410 bytes)
Front view Rear view Side view plans
cableguide bottom.JPG (337816 bytes) cable guide.JPG (170974 bytes) front control.JPg (286358 bytes) warping1.JPG (168143 bytes)
Straight pin bent into "U" shape Guide mid way and at ends Attached to control stick Stick to right causes left down trailing edge and right up trailing edge
warping2.JPG (167928 bytes)      
Stick to the left causes right down trailing edge and left up trailing edge.